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About Adhyaapana

One-stop solution for any eLearning center, online courses. People love EduMall because they can create their sites with ease here.

Great Curriculum.

Adhyaapana has provided me a very good platform for studying from my home and that has helped me in increasing my confidence.
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Vamsi Pandaga
CS Student, VIT Vellore.

Qualified Team.

Adhyaapana deserves 5 star for their curriculum, Hardworking Teachers, flexibility, and support service! I recommend!
WhatsApp Image 2021-12-13 at 10.38.04 AM
Completed Her B.Tech recently.

Great Teacher.

Pooja ma'am, I always love your class, because the way you make us learn something is always awesome! You're a very good teacher and as a coding teacher, you are a Star!
Pandaga Karthik, A coding student of Adhyaapana
Karthik P
Studying Intermediate

Great quality!

I wanted to place a review since their support helped me within a day or so, which is nice! Thanks and 5 stars!
Works with Accenture.

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